An Author-Illustrator and Graphic Designer by trade and at heart, Corinne Feuillet Luca left her native France after graduating from the École des Arts Appliqués in 1997. While traveling the world, from Asia to the US, Corinne never let go of her artistic passion and her work can be found in magazines, brochures, books, children books and a variety of custom made orders as well! In 2010, she founded Princesse Chouquette, Tibouille & Cie ™ to showcase her artwork, now also available for sale on line.
Corinne Feuillet Luca
Author-Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Élise, 7ans, Expatriée / 7 years old and Expat
Bilingual picture book in English and French, text Corinne Feuillet Luca and Virginie Houet, illustrations Corinne Feuillet Luca. Publisher: Éditions Amalthée, 2018

Hardcover and e-book available for sale on line: Bookwitty, Albertine (New York), (e-book only),, Fnac, Decitre, Cultura, …

An Expat Journey in Singapore
Photography Florence Notté & Ulla Graton, illustration Corinne Feuillet Luca, text Jennifer Mathy. Publisher: Black Albatros, 2010

Sold out

Schradabouck, le dragon
Text Michel-André Drode, illustrations Corinne Feuillet Luca. Publisher: Roland Buret, 1993

Sold out

Houston (Texas, United States, 2013…)
  • Co-writing and illustrations of « Élise, 7ans, Expatriée/ 7 years old and Expat », a bilingual picture book in English and French, 2018.
  • Creation of « The Storytellers », decorative throw pillow series available for sale on line.
  • Houston Expat Pro, Creative Entrepreneurs Shows.
Singapore (Singapore, 2007-2010)
  • Illustrations of the book « An Expat Journey in Singapore », 2010.
  • Princesse Chouquette, Tibouille & Cie ™ is born.
  • Special orders, posters for kids bedrooms.
  • Illustrations of livret for the Jacques Brel musical « Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris », for Sing'Theatre.
  • Illustrations for the French magazine « La Gazette ».
Lafayette (Louisiana, United States, 1999-2001)
  • Advertising, brochures, and handouts design for various US companies.
Maracaibo (Venezuela, 1997)
  • « La Petite Futée », practical guide for the expat living in Maracaibo.
Paris (France, 1993-1996)
  • Illustrations for Disney Hachette Presse.
  • Conception and design of the billboard and the brochure for the 7th Festival Tom Pouce, Boulogne Billancourt.
  • Illustrations of the picture book
    « Schradabouck, le dragon », 1993.